Assignment 1: Drawing Objects: Due February 1st
Select an oddly shaped object. Make one drawing of the object as you see it. Then, imagine how you would slice it into 2d pieces in order to recreate it, and draw samples of these slices. Bring the paper drawing to class, and post the digital photo to your blog for the next class.

Assignment 2: Non-rectangular box
2 week Group assignment (done in pairs)
Due February 15th but come Feb 8th week with drawings / paper prototypes

In keeping with our thought experiment from the first class, design a box whose final shape is not rectangular (limit the number of 90 degree angles you have in your design). The box need not be “functional” per se, but should have one side designated for an “opening” and should sit on the table without support. Experiment with the number of sides, shapes both for individual sides and overall, joints/connection points, and materials.This is a vinyl cutter and laser cutter based project, but need not be completed only using these tools.

Assignment 3: Midterm
due March 8th

Using at least two different materials and the fabrication techniques we have learned so far this semester to create a midterm project.

Assignment 4: 3d puzzle
due April 5th

Using digital fabrication machines, create a “3D” puzzle that includes an odd number of pieces. Prototypes should be made incorporating either the 3d printer or the 3d technique of the CNC, but neither is required for the final version of the project. Focus on the ability to assemble/disassemble the components, and controlling the overall shape of the object when it is put together. This project should be done in pairs.

Assignment 5: Final Project
due May 3rd

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